Daddy's Little Bride


When I got married in 2011, I had no idea that my wedding would be broadcast all over the world and have such an impact on father-daughter dances going forward. From our little practice sessions in the living room, my dad and I created “magic” (as he says) that sent us all the way to Good Morning America and Fox & Friends in New York, allowed us to be featured on the front page of Yahoo! twice, as well as a host of other websites and television shows around the world. We were the number 5 most shared story on Facebook and the number 5 most viewed family video on YouTube in 2011. I began to see other father-daughter duos recreating our dance and decided I wanted to create a website to help brides create the most memorable father-daughter dances.

And that’s how Daddy’s Little Bride was born. This website has over 30 videos showing you how to perform dances from various decades. My hope is that you can select a number of dances that you like, put them together and create an awesome father-daughter dance for your wedding. I also provide Dance Tips to help you plan your performance, a Wedding Corner, in case you need additional resources for planning your wedding and a Blog for advice on all things wedding. If you still have questions / comments, you can always Contact Me!

My father-daughter dance experience will forever be with me – from the bonding we had at each practice session to the actual performance and beyond. I hope I can help make your experience the same…

Houston, TX