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10 Tips for Saving Money on Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers are sooo expensive! According to The Knot, the average couple spends $1,988 on flowers and décor. Here are 10 things that my husband and I did to save money on flowers for our wedding. Hope these help!

1. Shop Around – Yes, this is time consuming, but if it’s to save money it’s worth it! My husband and I met with at least 10 florists and the one we finally settled on was amazing! She was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us save money. And she didn’t charge extra for every little thing! For instance, all other florists would’ve made me purchase the rhinestones and fabric that went in and around my bouquet and then pay a service fee. My florist supplied the rhinestones and fabric and didn’t charge us any additional fees.

Ashley & Nicholas _0346

My bouquet

2. In Season – Talk to your florist or do online research about what flowers are in season during your wedding time. These will be significantly cheaper than flowers that are not in season.

3. Alternatives – I’m sure you have a specific color in mind when selecting flowers for your wedding. Ask your florists about all types of flowers that come in your color and do a price comparison. You may find that the flower you had in mind cost way more than another beautiful flower of the same color.

4. More greenery – Include more greenery in your arrangements than blossoms. Foliage is much less expensive than flowers.

Ashley & Nicholas _1028

My centerpieces with extra greenery

5. Reuse – If you plan on having flowers in your wedding ceremony, reuse those flowers in your reception. We used our alter arrangements from the ceremony as decorations for our sweetheart table at the reception.  Normally, the staff at your venue can assist in moving the flowers.

Ashley & Nicholas _1013

Hey, you paid for it! May as well use your flowers to the fullest…

6. Throw Bouquet – Use a bridesmaid’s bouquet instead of buying an additional “throw” bouquet.

7. Centerpieces – To save money at our wedding, we placed flower centerpieces on half of the tables and used hurricanes with candles inside for the other half. This saved us about a thousand dollars!  To save even more money, don’t have flower centerpieces at all – there are tons of other options available to decorate your tables nicely.

8. Bridesmaids – It’s okay for your bridesmaids to have smaller bouquets than you (this will save a couple hundred dollars).  Or to really cut costs, have your girls carry a single rose (or flower of your choice).

Ashley & Nicholas _0283

Notice the smaller bouquets for my bridesmaids

9. Extra people – No one will notice if your grandma and grandpa or aunts and uncles don’t have flowers pinned on them. This is an easy way to save some extra money. (yes, our grandmothers were a little upset, but they got over it)

10. Donate – this is not necessarily a money saving tip for you, but it can help others! Donate your flowers to a hospital or nursing home once everything is over. Or do like my husband and I did and let your guests take them home! This way, all the money you spent will not go to waste.