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How to Create a Music Mix for Your Wedding Dance

I get so many questions from brides (and grooms!) on how to mix their own music for their wedding dance. It’s actually quite simple to create a mix of edited songs!

You’ll need an iTunes account, which is easy to create if you don’t already have one. Once in iTunes, follow these steps (click on each picture to make it bigger):

1.  Create a playlist and include all of the songs you will dance to.

Step 1

2.  Within your playlist, place the songs in the order you will perform them.

Step 2

3.  iTunes allows you to select when each song starts and ends. Listen to each song you want to edit and determine the part of the song you think would be best for your dance. Typically, the chorus is a great part to use because everyone knows it and it’s not too long. Also, listen towards the end of the song as you may find a nice part to use from there as well. Make sure you take note of the start and end times for the part of the song you want to dance to. To edit the start and end times of each song, follow these steps:

  1. a.  right click on each song you want to edit and click Get Info

Step 3a

  • b.  select the Options tab
  • c.  check the Start Time and / or Stop Time boxes and enter the times you would like for the song to start / stop
  • Step 3c

Once you have your playlist list updated with the edited songs, create your CD (you should be able to find the music files in the Music or Programs folder on your hard drive).

Please, please, please make multiple copies of your music! Email the playlist to yourself, put it on a flash drive and / or your MP3 player, make at least 3 CDs and any other backup you can think of.  Make sure you give the music to your DJ well in advance to confirm that it actually works on his / her equipment.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.