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Video of the Month Bride and Groom Talk to Us About Their Wedding

Our Houston bride Kirbi and her husband Lanny, from the Video of the Month, talk to Daddy’s Little Bride about their fabulous wedding and wedding dance.

From the Bride: Kirbi shoes

1) What date did you get married?   August 2, 2013

2) Briefly describe your planning process.   The planning process was a quick one since I got engaged in March and would be married a few months later. Most of the bridal shows were closer to my actual wedding date and by that point my vendors were already selected – they had to be. My team of planning consisted of my fiance, mom, aunt, and mother-in-law. We brought in a day of coordinator later so someone could actually facilitate with experience for the actual day. She was good because she would let us know things we needed to focus on during the planning process as well. I told myself at the beginning of the process that I would not stress and for the most part it was a stress-free process for me. I can definitely see how it can make someone go crazy, but I was determined for that not to be me.

3) Was there a theme for your wedding?   My fiance and I went to high school together and have been friends for a very long time. We both played basketball and he would help me with my basketball, so we had a Love and Basketball theme.

4) Any advice for future brides planning a wedding?   My advice would be to try to stay calm because everything will work itself out. Try to stay as organized as you can and don’t wait until the last minute to book your vendors, even as far down as makeup and hair for that day. (I was 2 weeks out still looking for who was going to do my hair! LOL. I didn’t even think about it!) Try to under-budget because there are so many little things that come up that you didn’t even think about or know to think about it (especially with a DIY wedding like I had).


 From the Groom: Lanny Dance

1) What inspired you to do this dance for Kirbi?   I knew when we were planning the wedding that I wanted to do something special during the reception. I wanted to do something fun that Kirbi and the guests would enjoy. I spent a lot of time going through YouTube trying to find some inspiration. I didn’t really see anything that stood out. I remembered a couple of years ago I sang My Girl by the Temptations to Kirbi during her birthday party at a karaoke club. I thought it would be cool to actually do the whole song with the dance moves with my groomsmen at the reception. I asked all my guys if they would be willing to do it and they all said yes.

2) How long did you practice before the performance?   We practiced maybe twice a week for 3 weeks. The practices were a little shaky at first but we ended up getting it together. 

3) Did you choreograph the dance yourself?   We actually saved the YouTube clip from The Temptations movie of the scene where they performed My Girl. We watched it over and over again. We basically would break down the routine into parts and practice each part until we had it down then add the next part. I actually spent a lot of time looking up as many Temptations clips that I could find. We were all amazed by how smooth they moved and the precision of their routines. It was challenging at times to get the steps and movements down but we eventually got it and the moves became natural. We all tried to imitate our corresponding Temptation. I was obviously David Ruffin, so the addition of the glasses helped me get into character.

4) Did anyone else know about it besides your groomsmen?   Kirbi actually knew about the dance. Other than her, our parents were really the only other people who knew. It was a complete surprise to everyone else. People are literally still talking about it and I’m glad it was executed perfectly. We were so nervous going into it, but my groomsmen and I all are athletes so when those lights came on we got into performance mode and nailed it. This will definitely be something we enjoy looking back on years from now.

5) Any advice to grooms considering a similar dance?   If I had any advice for other grooms thinking about doing a similar dance, Id say pick something that you and your groomsmen will feel comfortable doing and something that reflects your personalities and feelings for your bride. Also, it’s very important to practice practice practice. Having a great idea isn’t enough if it isn’t executed well. I was blessed to have some groomsmen who were dedicated and willing to put in the time to learn the steps and practice. Other than that I would say keep it simple. I saw many videos where people just tried to do so much that it took away from the actual moment.

6) Any advice to grooms on the wedding planning process? My advice for grooms during the wedding planning process…. For the most part, many of the decisions that have to be made will be things that you wont have a particular preference on, but stay involved. Do what you can to show your bride that this day is important and special to you as well. It’s difficult because most men don’t grow up envisioning their dream wedding. That’s something women do. So allow them to work towards that but still have some input to show that you care. Also, be patient. The planning process will be stressful for everyone involved but try not to allow the stress levels to negatively affect your relationship with you future bride.

Many thanks to Kirbi and Lanny for sharing their wedding experience with us!  Check out their website for Christian sports apparel!