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Tips for Selecting a DJ for Your Wedding Reception

A DJ (disc jockey) is one of the most important elements of your wedding reception (and ceremony for some). They essentially run your reception, ensuring everything occurs in the timetable provided and that all of your guests remain entertained for hours.

With that said, here are some tips for selecting a great DJ for your wedding.

Get References

Talk to your friends, family and co-workers about DJs that they’ve used for their events. If you’ll be attending other weddings or parties before your big day, speak with the DJs at those events and get their information (if you like their performance).

Also, your venue can probably recommend a host of DJs that they work with all the time or you can contact your local radio station DJs.

These are the easiest ways to find a reputable DJ in my opinion.


I would expect experienced DJs to be the best. You are looking for a DJ who has played at numerous weddings (hopefully some at your venue), has the ability to solve issues, a massive song database and can follow your provided reception timeline with no exception. They should also be able to assess the mood of the crowd at any given moment and alter their playlist based on that assessment.

Upon booking your DJ, they should provide you with a form to layout everything you want from the music playing for guests while you take your pictures, wedding party introduction songs, first dance instructions, must-play song list and etc.


Ensure your DJ has the following characteristics:

  • professional grade equipment
  • a professional website
  • testimonials, preferably gained over a period of time, as well as a list of references
  • carries liability insurance
  • responsive to your phone and e-mail communications
  • eloquent speaker (remember your DJ will probably be making all introductions including the wedding party, first dances, toast, and etc.)
  • appropriate attire

Ensure They Have Backups

I personally like to work with companies that provide DJ services, as opposed to individuals. My main thought in selecting a DJ for my wedding was what if something happens to the DJ right before the wedding and he / she can’t attend. Then I’d be scrambling to find a replacement at the last minute and may end up without a DJ! I found a great company that employed multiple DJs so there would always be someone available in the case of an emergency.

Also, think about equipment! What if your solo DJ’s speakers went out the day of your wedding? Or he loses his microphones? Companies should always have backup equipment and will have someone on standby to deliver whatever’s needed in times of crisis.

Most DJs who work for themselves just won’t have the available resources to cover you in these instances.

Other Services

Another perk of using a company is that they may also provide additional services such as monograms, photo booths, equipment rentals and etc. By providing multiple services for your wedding, they will probably offer you a discount and we’re all about saving money!

First Dance

What would this article be without me mentioning your father-daughter dance?!  If you’re planning an upbeat father-daughter dance for your wedding, make sure you select a DJ who can fully understand your routine. For example, if my DJ had cut off my music after everyone thought we were done, you would’ve never seen the Beyoncé Single Ladies march ending! Provide them with multiple copies of your music and ensure they are well aware of your plans.

Hope these tips help! Let me know if you have any questions!